Saturday, January 23, 2010

No crafting tonight

We (my daughter and I - hubby is out snowmobiling and missed the fun) had mygrandson at my house today while his parents went to Costco for my son's Christmas bonus shopping spree (something his job does for them). I forgot what a handful a 20 month old can be...boy is he entering his terrible twos :)

I have had a lot of compliments about my letters and some are shocked that I am just a beginner. Well, I am not a beginner with the computer or some of the more popular computer programs (Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro) and I imagine this helped out a little bit with figuring this out.

I used both programs mentioned above (mainly cause I have Paint Shop Pro on the computer I spend my days on and Photoshop on the other one) along with Inkscape and Sure Cuts A Lot. I have only prepared the letters through H (only have cut out through E) and will write down step by step directions on my process the next time (probably Monday) I prepare more letters. Once I have it documented I will share the how to on here. I hope it can help one person figure out how to do this (even though I am sure there is an easier way).

Off to look for some more fonts to turn into fun!! :)

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