Friday, January 22, 2010

We Are At It Again!!

We decided to redo the C because it was quite a bit larger than the other letters. No stripes this time. It isn't my favorite of the ones we have done, but overall it will work :)

D is for Dog...I think this one could use a little work...nothing bad, just things didn't quite line up right. Tried to tell my daughter we needed to make the corner of the D yellow since he was watering it.

What can I say about this one...nothing is cuter than an elephant (well except my grandbaby). I now have to catch up and get some more converted :)

Thanks for looking and I appreciate all the comments. I gives me incentive to keep going.


  1. Wow these are so cute, great job

  2. Oh these are sooo adorable!!! Thank you for sharing them with us!! Anxiously waiting for the letter "Y"! {SMILES}